Mixing The Floam  

Monday, January 21, 2008

About a year and a half ago, I bought some Floam for my classroom. Actually, I think mine is generic...it is some kind of "Fun Foam." If you are unfamiliar with the stuff, it is a weird, gooey product - kind of like little styrofoam pellets that are sticky and it comes in different colors. It feels like Rice Krispie Treats to me. Anyway, the package I had consisted of six different colors, all individually shrink wrapped, in one box. I opened one or two of the colors, and felt it, but then - you guessed it, I left it in the box for over a year, waiting for the "right time" to use it. That, and because I knew that once it was opened, I'd never be able to get the colors back in the box the same way they came out. I knew that they would get all mixed together, and I wouldn't be able to separate them, and it bugged me a little. Ok, a lot.

I think maybe I have a little OCD here too. LOL

So, in the interest of continuing my quest to better my perfectionist ways, I got the generic Floam out the other day at lunch. I teach severely handicapped students, and there are some regular education students that come down for lunch every day on a rotating basis. Sometimes they don't know how to talk to or relate to my students, who are nonverbal. So I got out the Floam and it was something they could all try out. They loved it. The only problem was me cringing while one girl made a globe - a blue ball with green continents squished in it. Very nice work, but I just knew I'd never be able to separate those colors! The other girl started making a Valentine's Heart with several different colors. Then when it was time to clean it up, one of the nurses in my room grabbed it all and just squished it all in a disposable Gladware container. I cringed, but I came out of it ok.

I brought some of it home for Paige to try out. She loved it too. When I feel myself bothered by the fact that the colors are mixed together, I try to remind myself that it was sort of a Misfit Toy, sitting there all perfect and never used.

I need help. :)

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