Parenting and Messy Buns  

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

As I'm sure many people know, this parenting gig is hard.

I think sometimes it is hard for me because since I don't have any friends with kids Paige's age, I parent in kind of a "vacuum," never having anyone else to compare to. I also tend to constantly doubt myself.

Paige has been having a bit of a hard time at school - I think she's getting bored with it. To tell you the truth, I'm about ready for preschool to be over too. I really think she's going to be a kid that around this time of the year we just try to get her through to the end. Luckily for us this year, her preschool ends right before Memorial Day weekend, so we only have a little over a month to go.

Paige has a bit of a temper, and seems to be dealing with some anxiety issues. This is also her first experience with school, and as my mother-in-law is my daycare provider, this is her first experience spending time with adults that aren't family, and with a bunch of kids where she's expected to share and wait her turn, etc, many things that she doesn't have to do at home as an only child.

One of the nice things about being unemployed right now is that I can spend a little more time with her. I've been able to take her to school and pick her up, talk a little with the other mothers, and see how she interacts with the other kids. I think this has been good for both of us.

On another note, since I now have time in the morning, I've been trying to learn to do some hairstyles for Paige. Usually Grandma does her hair, and she does all these cute styles. I am basically "hair challenged" and Paige was disappointed that I didn't even know how to do a french braid. So I started looking at blogs about girls hair, and I'm addicted! Tonight after her bath I "practiced" doing a few different braids on her. LOL

One of my first hairdos was inspired by Adopt A 'Do - Cute Girl's Hairstyles. Sadly though, it was considered a "Daddy Do" (so easy a Dad could do it) and said it took about 5 minutes. Well, it took me about a half hour to do, but Paige and I were both happy with the results, and she's asked me to do it again since.

Now premiering the "Messy Buns."

The hard part is I struggle with these hair do's not being perfect...I want to keep taking them out and trying again until they are, but that makes us both crazy. So, I'm learning new styles and learning to let go of perfection a little too. :)

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