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Saturday, April 9, 2011

On March 24, 2011, two weeks early, we welcomed a new member to our family, Kaden Alexander. He came fast and furious - I started having contractions at home around 2:30 in the afternoon. I had a scheduled OBG appointment at 4:30, so my friend took me, even though the contractions were getting worse. At that point I was already 5 cm dilated, and the doctor sent me on to the hospital. I got there around 5:45, and Kaden was born at 7:37 pm. I barely got my epidural - at a little after 7, so that helped a little at the end, but most of the labor was painful and intense, and a little scarey since it was all happening so fast.

Not long after Kaden was born, Roland called his mother, who had Paige, to tell them he was here. The first thing Paige said was, "Can I talk to him?" So we put her on speaker phone and she told him she loved him, and he turned and cried at the phone a little. It was so cute. She also told me she loved me and to "get good rest Momma," which made all the hospital staff in the room say, "awww..." :)

When we were trying to find a name for him, Paige only liked two of our choices, and Kaden was one of them (I have since found out it was her 2nd favorite though!) She'd asked me randomly once if we could name the baby Alexander. Roland didn't really like it, but every once in awhile Paige would ask me again, and tell me that Daddy could "just get used to it." LOL So in the hospital, Roland suggested Kaden Alexander for the name - and Paige was thrilled when she found out.

The next day Paige came to meet him. She's doing really well becoming a big sister - much better than I thought she would. She doesn't like it when he's crying and I can't get him to stop, or when she's got my full attention and I have to go check on him, but for the most part she seems happy with her new brother. She's learned how to make a bottle and helps pick out his clothes, etc. So far, so good. :)

So, two weeks into this we are doing ok becoming a family of 4...or 5, since "Aunt Michelle" lives with us too. :)

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Catching Up  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So apparently I'm terrible at blogging. Lurking and reading blogs, I'm great at. Writing my own, not so great. Oh well.

Not too much new here - I'm still pregnant. I'll be 30 weeks this Thursday. It's a boy! We were all hoping for another girl, (especially Paige), but we are getting used to the idea of having a little guy join us in a matter of weeks now. He is much "rougher" than I remember Paige being - kind of like being pregnant with the karate kid. He's always moving, and sometimes his kicks are almost painful. But at least I know he must be doing ok in there!

I'm still unemployed, and can't imagine finding a teaching job in January at 7 months pregnant, so although I keep looking, I'm not expecting much right now. I've started to think that for whatever reason, having this baby is what I'm meant to be doing right now, and the job will come after he does.

Paige is very excited (and a little scared) because she has her first loose tooth. She has been telling everyone she meets about it. :) Her birthday is next week and she'll be 6. I can't believe it.

The other thing going on lately is we are getting a ton of snow. Paige has already had 4 snow days in the last two weeks, and there's more snow in the forecast for this week. Yesterday morning we woke to negative temps, and her school called mid-morning to say the boiler wasn't working and they had no heat there. They were able to take care of the kids, but it is just showing how brutal this winter is. I'm so grateful that I have a home with heat and a roof over my head, warm clothes, a warm bed, and food to eat. I keep thinking how difficult it must be to survive in this weather if you don't have those basic things.

We got Paige a kid's sized shovel - turns out it's been great for this winter. She was excited to "help out." :)

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