More tales of the Potty Chart  

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Paige made me smile Friday morning. Of course, I almost said, "Well, you little sh**" to her too, but the smiling is the important part of the memory.

She's been doing pretty well sitting on the potty for a minute to earn her sticker, but of course she still doesn't care much about the squares on the chart. She had about 4 squares left, but still told me she was going to put her sticker up top, over the picture of Ariel on the top of the chart. I told her she could, but that if she filled up all of the squares, she'd get a surprise. She thought about that for a minute, looked at me, and then put the sticker on the line right in the middle of two empty squares. She said, "There, now I have two."

Ugh. Should I be worried about my future with her if she's only two and is figuring this stuff out?

Oh, and the good news is, she filled the chart today and got a little mermaid that "grows" when added to water. She was all smiles and excited about it. She totally "gets" this potty thing...she's just usually too busy to care. Hopefully mermaids will entice her to continue on. LOL

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1 comments: to “ More tales of the Potty Chart

  • Candace & Anna
    January 27, 2008 at 7:47 AM  

    We used M&M's to get Anna to cooperate. She doesn't really have any accidents now but sometimes she will go in there and squeeze an itty bitty amount out and say "pee pee chocolate Mommy lol".


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