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Monday, April 20, 2009

This week we were pretty unstructured and didn't really do anything that could be considered a science (the most recent Unplugged theme) project. However, over the past week I've noticed Paige starting to make some interesting observations about her environment. I've always thought it was fun to watch her learn and develop.

One night last week in the bath tub, she was playing with a plastic cup and requested a plastic spoon. She then noted on her own that when she looked at the cup, the spoon looked bigger than it is. A few minutes later she told me how the spoon is the right size when you look straight down at it in the cup. This led to a tired Momma trying to explain how the water works as a magnifying glass. Then, an even more tired Momma trying to explain what a magnifying glass is. I think I may need to get one for her.

I know the spoon isn't actually in this picture...I just thought this one was cute.

Then on Sunday, I was showing Paige how to use diluted glue to paint tissue paper onto an old pickle jar to make a candle holder. As she was painting on the glue, she said, "Momma, when I paint on the jar, it makes a very beautiful sound." I decided there was probably some science related reason for that too, although I couldn't begin to explain it to her. Instead, I jotted down the cute comment and noted how she's beginning to make more and more observations like this, and how children really do learn the best through play. Don't we all?

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