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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I haven't meant to be away for so long.

I'm again struggling with what is "good enough" or "interesting enough" to post about. Yes, I know it is my blog, but sometimes I get into these funks. I've been feeling funky the last couple of weeks, and not in a good way, either. I'm realizing more and more that I have a double standard when it comes to being perfect - I don't expect it out of anyone but myself. I am not sure how to relax when it comes to my standards for myself.

My classroom has moved from the elementary school I've worked at the past two years to the middle school. It is a bittersweet move for me. It's hard to say goodbye, but there are a lot of fun new things coming our way too.

I've started working the school's summer program, which had a very bumpy start, and I'm feeling a little run down and stressed.

I've been taking my photos every day, but have gotten behind in editing them and posting them. Yesterday on my way to work I realized that I forgot to take a picture on Monday - first day I haven't taken a picture since Memorial Day weekend - and I was a little bummed.

We currently have eleven cats in our house - eight foster kittens and our three regular cats. Tomorrow Michelle's sister brings her dog to stay with us while she goes away for the weekend. Should be interesting!

I didn't write this post just to whine...honest. Just felt it was time to let everyone know I'm still alive, just have a bit of writer's block. Thanks for continuing to visit. :)

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