Unplugged Sand  

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last week's unplugged theme was sand. Paige loves sand, so I knew she'd enjoy pretty much whatever we did. We actually didn't do much of a project - I just used it as an excuse to try a new product that I thought she'd like, Moonsand. Turns out a little container of it is just over $3, and it comes in a color called Rocket Red. Red is her favorite color and the color of Rocket on Little Einsteins, whom she loves, so that was good enough.

I gave her the container of sand on Saturday morning and she went to town with it. She asked for it several times over the weekend. She seemed to like dumping the container upside down so the sand would come out molded, like a sand castle. She said it was a cake, and then she'd cut the cake with one of her knives from her play kitchen. She loved this game.

I also got a new camera this week, so I played a lot with my new toy while she played with hers. :)

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