Unplugged Soft  

Monday, September 8, 2008

This week's Unplugged Theme was soft. I decided I'd like to try a project that I've been wanting to do with Paige - make soft pretzels. Paige loves playing with any kind of dough, so I thought that she'd enjoy doing that. However, I didn't get my act together early enough to find a recipe and ingredients. However, Roland had some pizza dough, so we made fried dough instead.

The perfectionist in me kept thinking - Fried Dough is a silly project for "soft," but I had to convince myself to let it go - after all, weren't we going to be using dough either way??

Roland helped me with this project. He opened some premade pizza dough - Pillsbury, I think. He gave Paige a piece to play with and told her to flatten it out.

First she made it into a ball, but we eventually got her to roll it out. We don't have a rolling pin here and I couldn't find a can, so I gave her a jar of peanut butter to help her roll it out. :) Then Roland put some sugar and cinnamon in an old spice container and let her mix it up, while he fried the dough. When it came out and was cool, we sprinkled the cinnamon sugar on and enjoyed them!

Not a huge project, but it was fun, and yummy!

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