Sunday, March 15, 2009

I know things have been a bit slow around here lately. Heck, things have more or less ground to a halt.

Well, I'm still alive - just finished a hellish week. Some sort of stomach bug came into my classroom last week, and took out almost all of the staff and students, and then we all brought it home to our families. So it has been a wonderful week full of unhappy stomachs around here, which cut into my desire to post, and wiped out plans for fun things like Unplugged Projects.

We've also had some sleeping issues with Paige - among the nightmares and night terrors she was already experiencing, she now seems terrified to go to bed, and we've had several nights with screaming and general unhappiness that ends up with a completely tired household. I called her pediatrician on Friday and they referred me to the Children's Hospital's sleep clinic. She now has an appointment in May. I'm kind of hoping things will just settle down and I can cancel the appointment. Although, realistically, we'll probably be a family of insomniacs by May.

Hopefully things will start to pick up around here as our tummies go back to normal.

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