"Momma, Let's play animal shelter."  

Monday, May 25, 2009

Many kids like to pretend, and take part in dramatic play. Many kids want to play house, or school or the like. My daughter? She asked me on Monday if we could play "animal shelter."

I believe that's probably because since her birthday in February we've been a foster family for the local animal shelter and have had many cuties come visit us, such as these:

Left to right: Nirvana, Dora, and Doyle. Doyle is actually now our kitty. Michelle couldn't part with him.

The kitties come to us and we take care of them until they can go back to the shelter to be fixed and to go to their "forever homes" as we call them. So far we've had eight kitties in and out for various amounts of time.

If you'd like to read more about our fostering adventures, Michelle's started her own blog:

The Animal House - Adventures in Fostering.

Here's Paige riding the "horse" at the animal shelter.

Of course all of this is even more fun if you can play it outside and in your pajamas.

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