Super Summer Swap  

Friday, August 14, 2009

Paige and I took part in the Super Summer Swap hosted by Super Heroes and Princesses and Life of a Dairy Queen. Paige was matched with a four year old girl in Oregon named Mason.

Paige was so excited to get her package which consisted of a Pez dispenser, four princess card games, a kindergarten workbook, a sticker book, and a small Ariel doll. Paige has had me read the letter to her from Mason several times. I'm going to have to get a map to try and get her to understand the distance between Oregon and Massachusetts though. She really wants to go visit Mason and can't seem to understand why we aren't just heading over there!

This was a lot of fun, even though I sent our package out late. I hope Mason forgives us! You know, I've only participated in two blog swaps, and they've both been for Paige!!! I'll have to find one for me sometime - it looks like fun!

For some reason, Blogger is insisting on putting this photo in upside down...but you get the idea.

Paige has learned how to play Go Fish and Old Maid thanks to Mason!

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