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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I used to really enjoy making my "Thursday List" of items that I wanted to keep track of that I'd found on other blogs. Once I started using Google Reader, I stopped making the lists and started just "starring" things in the reader. However, I've been thinking that I kind of miss making my list and sharing all the wonderful ideas I find online. Also, I tend to forget about all the fun things I've starred! So, I think I'm going to start "trying" to share what I've been starring lately. Hope you all find something fun too.

My last five starred posts are:

I am toying with trying out this Courage Jar with Paige.

I'm intrigued with this recipe for Root Beer Cake.

These Valentine's Day flowerpots are adorable, and I think you could do the same idea for different holidays, events, etc.

Scrapbooker Stacey Julian has a section on her blog where she shares what she calls, "sprinkles" which are basically little happy ideas to remind you that it is the little things that make life great. I liked what her family did with their construction paper hearts.

I love the birthday banner on the bedroom door! I also think the balls are a cute favor.

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