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Friday, July 16, 2010

I am just no good at regular posting! I find I think about posting more than actually if I could just think a post and have it show up here, that'd be something!

This has been a very crazy week - lots of errands, physicals for Paige and a check-up for me, trips to the RMV, etc. It's amazing how exhausting doing things like that can be!

So here I am with another list of links on the wrong day. Guess learning to post it even if it is on the "wrong" day is progress in embracing imperfection, right?

I like this 30 Sucks birthday gift idea.

I also like this simple Stay Cool gift idea. Might be a good end of the school year idea (if I were to ever remember it.)

I thought this garland made out of napkins was neat.

Having many teenage neices and nephews, I liked this post on Finding Deals on Gifts for Teenagers.

And for anyone interested in special education ideas, I like this post on Adapting the Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting.

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