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Saturday, February 16, 2008

I am a severe special education elementary school teacher. I work with very involved students. I am also a big dork (so sayeth my husband) and I LOVE working in an elementary school. One of the best parts of my job is being able to do so much fun elementary school stuff - book fairs, school concerts, school plays...I love all of this stuff!

On Valentine's Day, I took two of my students to their general education class (they spend most of the day with me, but do some time with the general education students) for what is normally read aloud. Turns out the teacher was letting the kids have some Valentine's Day fun, and they were playing a game called Four Corners. Basically, one person is "it" and while that person closes her eyes and counts to a designated number, the rest of the class runs and "hides" in one of the four corners of the room. Each corner has a designated number. When "it" is done counting, she calls out a number. Everyone in that numbered corner is out and has to sit down. This goes on until there is one person left, who becomes the next caller. At Halloween the teacher had used a paper pumpkin to write the number to label each of the corners, and we called it Four Pumpkins. Now for Valentine's Day, it was Four Hearts.

Now here's where I get really dorky. I love to play games like this with the kids. So now picture me, running around to different corners of the room with a bunch of third graders, and having just as much fun as them - maybe more. Then, the most fun thing happens - I won a round! I was so excited! Then I got to be the caller! I've been having a stressful couple of weeks at school, and this really made my day. I proudly came home and told Roland (my husband), "I won at Four Corners today!" He's used to me saying such random things, and sometimes doesn't even bat an eye at these weird declarations. Usually he listens to me ramble and then says, "No offense, but you're a dork." Ah yes, but I am a happy dork, so there. And I think what makes me extra dorky is that I actually googled "Four Corners" and looked at more than one definition so that I could post a link to a "good one." (Ok, maybe that's dorkiness and perfectionism? Am I a perfectionist dork? or a dorky perfectionist?) I also find it amusing that I was able to provide this professional looking link to Wikipedia of all things. So as it turns out, you can find just about anything online, and I usually do.

Hope you all had fun on Valentine's Day. :)

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