They Wii'd Me!  

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

As a special education teacher, I get to spend some time in the regular education classrooms with my students. When I get to know my students classmates, I have the benefit of sometimes being "cool." I often sit in groups with the kids, so as to be able to help my students. Often, when they talk amongst themselves, I think they forget that I'm an adult and a teacher - same goes for the nurses who accompany my students to class. It is kind of an interesting position to be in, and it is funny what we get to talk about or overhear when we are in that position. Sometimes I feel like I'm taking the class too. (I actually learned a lot in fifth grade math last year - the number one thing being that I am NOT smarter than a fifth grader.)

This year I've been enjoying working with one of the fourth grade teachers in my school. She's really helped my students and myself be part of the class. I do her read aloud every day, and I'm really enjoying it. The kids all seem to get excited when I come in to read - probably because I'm someone new and different from their regular teacher. They've been giving me hugs, and at Christmas I got homemade cards and notes. It has really made me smile to be this "big sister" kind of person.

Today, one of the girls came over to tell me that she's made me a character on her Wii. Then another one said casually, "Oh, I did that too." This was new and interesting, and caught me a little off guard. However, I'm choosing to think of it as a compliment. I wonder what kind of games the Wii version of me likes?

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2 comments: to “ They Wii'd Me!

  • Donnetta
    February 12, 2009 at 10:31 PM  

    That is so sweet. I think the fact that they would want you to be a part of their lives outside of school says something!

    Thanks for your recent visit to My Quiet Corner! By the way, freezer jam lasts in the freezer for up to 1 year.

  • Michie
    February 13, 2009 at 6:42 AM  

    Thank you! I was thinking it might make a nice gift at Christmas that I could make over the summer - but I didn't want to give anyone expired jam! :)


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