A Good Day  

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yesterday was a good day.

I took my last personal day so that I could take Paige for her 3-year check-up. As we are currently in housing limbo, Paige's world is a little crazy and she's having some seperation anxiety issues, so she was thrilled that I was around to spend the day with her. Michelle and I took her to the doctor, where she got weighed on the "big girl" scale that you stand on for the first time, and she also got measured with the little arm that they pull out of the scale. She's 32 pounds and 38 inches, 4 inches more than last year.

Then when the doctor came in, she looked at her and said, "Don't stick that popsicle thing in my mouth," seeing as the last time we were there she had strep. When the doctor asked about how she does eating, Paige looked up at her and said, "I don't eat any junk food." I have no idea where she got that, but it was too funny - like I'd been coaching her or something!

Then she got her eyes and ears tested for the first time. I covered one eye while she read letters from a card, and then Michelle covered the other one for the same work out. Then she got to put on head phones and raised her hand when she heard a beep. She did great, and they gave her a Snow White sticker and a Freezer Pop. When the nurse asked her what color Freezer Pop she wanted, I heard the doctor call out - "She doesn't eat any junk food!" Too funny.

After the doctor, we stopped at Payless to look for some sandles for her. We got her some white Disney Princess sandles that have the lights in them. Right before we left I noticed some Croc type shoes that looked like Lightning McQueen. I showed her and she fell in love with them, so we got them both for her and a new pair of sun glasses for me.

Then we went off to Friendly's for lunch. We ordered some ice cream to take home. I got Paige the Monster sundae, which has Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ears, M&M eyes, and a cherry nose, which she got a kick out of, but didn't like the mint chocolate chip ice cream, so I ate that while she had some of Michelle's orange sherbert. Then we all took naps.

I was having fun out with her - I was thinking that maybe I needed to spend one of my personal days every year hanging out with her like that.

Then last night I watched the movie Enchanted for the first time. I bought it a couple of weeks ago, just assuming I'd like it - and I LOVED it.

I was so happy last night. Nothing really special happened, but it was just one of those feel good, make you smile kind of days.

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