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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Paige loves to paint. It is one of the few activities that she'll do for more than about three minutes. Last week I tried a new kind of painting for the Unplugged Theme of paint, and it didn't go over very well. This week, however, I tried again, and surprise, Sticky Paint was a hit!

What is sticky paint you may ask? Why it is just corn syrup with a few drops of food coloring added! It is an activity I've been meaning to try forever, so I finally gave it a whirl for this week's Unplugged Theme of sticky.

Paige and her cousin were in need of something to do Friday night, (we are temporarily living upstairs from her cousins now, so often I have more children to entertain) so I gave them each a big piece of easel paper, a paint brush, and three Dixie Cups of sticky paint. One with red, one with yellow, and one with blue. Paige's cousin said he'd used sticky paint in school before, but it was Paige's first chance to play with it. She really loved it, and asked for it again yesterday morning, and yesterday afternoon. The problem yesterday afternoon was that it was stifling hot, and I was afraid that a sticky project was just going to be unbearable, so I told her it was too hot for the sticky paint. Well, wouldn't you know, first thing this morning I got, "Mom, it isn't hot any more. Can I do sticky paint?" So we did it again this morning.

Here she is Friday night. Somehow Paige always seems to be in her pajamas when we do our Unplugged Projects!

Here's the painting she made Friday night. When she made that one cane shaped blue mark, she said, "I made a candy cane!" This is one of the first times she's mentioned drawing something - at least something that makes sense to me. Most of the time she says she's drawing a "Pookie Sun." I have yet to figure out what exactly that is.

This one Paige and I did together Saturday morning:

And here she is this morning, while Momma plays with different camera angles.

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