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Thursday, June 19, 2008

This week has been a little crazy because it was the last week of school. Today is my first day of summer vacation! The last two years I took the summer off, but this year, as we will (hopefully) be moving into a new house soon, I thought I might need some extra money, so I am working the summer program. I just completed my first year at a new school, so this will be my first time working this summer camp. It is for six weeks, so I end up with two weeks off before it starts and two weeks off after before school starts again. The camp only goes until 1, so that's not too bad a deal. :)

Anyway, all of this rambling means I don't really have much of a Thursday list this week, but I'll probably have more next week because I'm on vacation!

For right now, check out Boredom Buster Monday for the kids.

Another idea that looks like a lot of fun is Muffin Tin Monday.

So that at least gives you a couple of ideas for fun on Monday, right?

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