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Monday, June 23, 2008

The theme for last week's Unplugged Project was old. For some reason, this theme was a hard one for me to wrap my head around. I looked up recipes using the word "old," thinking we could make old fashioned something or other. But we never quite got to it.

Eventually, Paige came up with a project that I decided fit the theme on her own. We are still in temporary housing, living with my in-laws. I know it must be confusing for Paige why we don't go to the "old house" anymore. Sometimes we talk about the old house and what we will do at the new house. Well, on Saturday she told me she wanted to do a project that we did at the old house. After a little detective work, I realized she wanted to use a stamp pad I'd let her try one day, that had resulted in a HUGE mess. I told her we didn't have one right now, and she came up with another project we'd tried a few months ago, back in the old house - circle painting.

Circle Painting is painting using an "old" cardboard toilet paper or towel roll in lieu of a brush. Of course now Paige calls toilet paper tubes "telescopes," so she said she wanted to paint with her telescope. Since my memory card was full when we did this, I don't have any pictures of the process, just one of the finished creation.

We also dipped the whole roll into the paint and rolled it across the paper, creating the lines. She thought that was fun too. She also seemed to enjoy that we were sitting on the kitchen floor painting, which we used to do at the old house too.

On Saturday Paige also picked a DVD to take out from the library. While not Unplugged, it sure made me feel old, when I realized the My Little Pony cartoons were dated 1986!

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