Soaking It Up  

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I have always loved this commercial.

(I am really excited that I not only found this commercial, but that I figured out how to put it in here. I really need to get a life.)

I've always wanted to be this kind of crazy Mom, even though it makes Roland shutter. (He's the cook around here and has told me several times, including right now when I showed him how proud I was that I got the commercial in here that he'd kill me.) It looks like fun, and it shows that it is ok if we make mistakes. And I suppose it might just sell paper towels too, but that's not really the important part here.

Tonight I had my chance. Paige was in the tub, and I was sitting on the bathroom floor. She was playing with Dixie cups in the tub, and the next thing I knew, she grabbed a cup of water, and threw it at me. I looked at her for a second, and I think she was momentarily worried about how I was going to react. But I grabbed a cup and threw water back at her. She was so excited that it was ok for us to splash each other. She then wanted to wash my hair, so I leaned over the tub and let her pour cup after cup of water on my hair. As you can imagine, the bathroom and I ended up soaked. But when I asked her if she was having fun, and she said yes, then I figured that was worth it.

When it was time to get out of the tub, I wrapped a towel around my head like a turban and asked her if she liked my towel hat. She did, and wanted one just like mine. So I got her out of the tub and gave her her first towel hat. She made sure that her towel was even the same color as mine. We then looked in the mirror together and made silly faces. I was a little disappointed that no one was around to take our picture. I'll have to get a picture of us with our silly hats sometime soon.

Roland just came upstairs from the bathroom and I asked him, "how wet is the bathroom?" His response? "You are lucky it isn't the kitchen."

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