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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yesterday Paige looked at herself in the mirror, then turned around and told Roland and me, that she was going to "Rock this town." I asked Roland if he'd been listening to the Stray Cats, but he said he hadn't been. I wonder where she gets this stuff?'s some stuff that interested me this week in blog world.

I came across Ali's website. She has some great looking projects, and I like that she gives creative inspiration for each weekend. I really liked the Punch Collage

I thought this was a cute idea for coloring book Storage.

I have been trying to organize all of the pages I pull out of magazines (something I do a lot) in a binder, - and then I found a "tutorial" on how one person did it: Organizing Binders

I wish I had enough room in my house for this.

I've made snowflakes out of spaghetti before, so this looked fun: Playing with noodles.

This looked like it could be an easy and fun project too. Egg Carton Bird Feeder

Here's another little craft project that looks like something I could do but probably won't ever actually do if I'm honest with myself: Wooden Block Puzzle

I think Paige would have fun with this. I'm going to have to make one. You need to scroll down a little to see the Alphabet Sheet

This looks like a fun gift: Cookie Cutter Fudge

And there's this weeks Thursday List. I hope you find something new and fun to check out. :) I'm off to rock this town get ready for work.

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