Unplugged Glass  

Monday, July 21, 2008

Well, I guess I'm better late than never this week. I had a stressful week and had a hard time coming up with an idea I was happy with for the Unplugged theme of glass this past week. So tonight after dinner, we did one of Paige's favorite projects - we made "stained glass" suncatchers by sticking different colored tissue paper to contact paper, and then hanging it in the window. Paige actually prefers when we use glue and stick the tissue paper to wax paper, and when I said we were going to make suncatchers, she asked me where the glue was. But I told her we were going to use sticky paper, and she actually agreed fairly easily.

I had told her she could use her scissors to cut the tissue paper, as she loves to cut, but she eventually ended up just tearing some of the tissue and sticking it on the paper. I also got out some leftover glitter I had from when we did our Discovery Bottles, and she was happy to stick that on the paper too.

I stuck it in the window, which is also "glass" and took a quick picture. It was getting late, so most of my pictures are a little dark, but you get the idea.

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